Written by Nairn County FC April 28th 2023

In light of recent news reports about the proposed new Conference League at Tier 5, as a club, we would like to put on record that we do not support the creation of the Conference League.

It would be hypocritical of us to be against B teams given the fact we have had a reserve side in the North Caledonian League for the past three seasons.

What we are against is changing the pyramid model to cater to four clubs so they can parachute their B teams into Tier 5 on a permanent basis and essentially relegate both the Highland and Lowland Leagues and all other tiers below. At what point does four become six or eight other Premiership clubs wanting a B team parachuted in?

There are plenty of ambitious non-league clubs who want to further themselves but are finding that an additional hurdle is forcibly being put in place to prevent clubs at our level and below from being able to progress in a fair manner.

As part of an initial document that outlined the Scottish FA objectives, we were presented with strengths and weaknesses of the conference league, there was no reference to any perceived weaknesses to the existing non-league clubs at our tier and below. The weaknesses were too concerned about lack of promotion and relegation for the B sides.

With no promotion or relegation for the B teams, there is every chance a ‘normal’ team finishing in 6th place in the league would still get relegated.

There was no option to vote on keeping the status quo.

We might ‘only’ be Nairn County, but we want to ensure that the pyramid delivers for the whole of the game and not just four clubs who already have established teams within the pyramid.

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