Here at Station Park we see ourselves not just as a football team, but as an active part of the local community. As such we want to represent Nairn and the surrounding community in the best way possible, making the most of opportunities to involve ourselves with our great town and our great people. Here are just some of the ways we have been involved over the last few years.


One of our most important duties is the protection and care for the people in our community.

With our association over the last two years with Mikeysline Mental Health Charity, we have been able to help share their positive message that it’s ok not to be o,k and that help is out there for those that are struggling.

By appointing our Mental Health Convenor, Brodie Stewart we have steps to actively reach out to our community, particularly our youth, using football as a common theme.

If you need to talk, please message Mikeysline on 07786 207755.


For the 2022/23 season, we launched a unique and vibrant charity third kit to promote local Nairn charity TeamHamish.

After fundraising to build Hamish’s Splashpad at Nairn Links, TeamHamish has now entered phase two, where their focus is on the area of the Links currently occupied by the putting, crazy mini golf and the adjacent banking and grassed areas.

To aid their fundraising efforts and help shine more light on the magnificent work done by Sam and Lily Hey, we have designed and produced a special TeamHamish football strip that they will use during the 2022/23 season.

The shirt is inspired by Hamish’s Splashpad at the Links and a colourful chevron design of Sam’s wife, Susan’s favourite dress.

We will be donating £10 from every sale of an adult shirt and £5 from the sale of a kid’s shirt to TeamHamish.

In addition, the club will be dedicating a home league match to fundraising for the phase two project. This will include kids’ activities and special fundraising activities.

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COVID-19 Assistance

In the dark days of March 2020 as the first wave of COVID hit and the world shut down, football was essentially mothballed. At that time we had the idea to use our volunteers and resources to support our local community.

Throughout the waves of COVID we were out delivering shopping, picking up prescriptions, walking dogs and generally trying to make sure people were ok. The players even donated their players fund to help out with shopping.

We made so many friendships during this time that the shopping continues in some cases to this day. Football is back now, but our respect and love for how our community battled through this time will remain forever.

Incidentally, the `Support The NHS` flag which we flew throughout that first year is now in Nairn Museum so that future generations can learn about how Nairn came together to help each other.

Commemorative Benches, Wall of Respect & Garden of Remembrance

Sadly over the past few years, too many people connected with the club have passed on and, with the lack of fans in attendance for most of this period, we have been unable to mark their passing with a suitable minutes silence or applause.

We are pleased to be able to mark our respect for those no longer with us with our Wall of Respect and commemorative benches and plaques around the ground.

We are also delighted that we are introducing a commemorative garden at Station Park to recall our lost friends, fans and family.


In co-operation with our friends at the Nairn Dunbar Golf Club, we have held two Quiz Nights which allowed us to donate over £900 to our local foodbank to help those that most need it.

Ukraine Collection

Like many other groups and individuals, we were shocked at the invasion of Ukraine. Although many miles away, we rank several Ukrainians amongst our fanbase and we were eager to try to do something. Therefore we put the word out to the Nairn community that we would do a clothing and essential outcome collection and were amazed with the response. Over 300 bags worth were collected over two days and dispatched to those who were in desperate need.

County at Christmas

For the last three years we have run our County at Christmas Campaign, where we purchase Christmas Hampers from local businesses and distribute them to our local hospital, care homes and deserving causes. We also make sure to donate to our local foodbank at this time.

Alexanders Journey

Last year we were privileged to receive monies for the Christmas Campaign raised from `Alexanders Journey`, where Alexander Sherret and his family completed 40 laps around Station Park in what was truly grim weather in order that others could have a better Christmas. Alexanders efforts raised over £3000 for our local people and organisations at Christmas.

Sleepover for Prostate Scotland

After a recent health scare, our Merchandise Convenor Donald Graham raised funds for Prostate Scotland by sleeping out in the Main Stand at Station Park during a cold winter night in February. He was joined by our President Donald Matheson and Secretary Ian Finlayson. Their combined efforts raised over £5000 towards the fight against cancer.