Written by Nairn County FC October 17th 2023

At the end of last season, we conducted our annual fan survey. One of the questions we asked was what improvements you would like to see to Station Park.

We are pleased to announce the following improvements have been made based on the survey:

Expanded Tea Hut

We have expanded our Tea Hut to cope with demand. We will be making further improvements to it over the course of the season. As a result, the wall of respect has been moved next to the memorial garden.

We will also be looking to add new items to the Tea Hut menu in the not so distant future as well.

New Speakers

Depending on where you were in the ground, the sound quality varied massively. We have now added new speakers around the stadium to ensure fans in all areas of the ground are able to hear announcements and music.

Club Shop

We have relocated and fitted out our new club shop and added more products. We will continue to add to our product range.

Stadium Exits

It was asked if we can open more exits at the end of the match. The main door onto Balblair Road is now open at the full-time whistle along with an exit at the Queen’s Park end.

What is still to come?

We will be adding an additional female toilet within the female toilets.

Floodlights – we have made an application for funding support with the aim of having new floodlights added over the summer.

What was asked but we can’t do just yet?

Bigger hospitality – multiple people asked for a bigger hospitality space. This is something we have discussed and are looking at viable options once the floodlights are replaced. Hospitality is a good revenue generator for the club and an expanded offering would help raise additional income. A fan bar was also requested. This is on our long-term list to investigate.

More comfort in the main stand – Our main stand was originally built in the 1930s. Longer term we are looking at how we can improve the seating and comfort for fans in the stand.

More covered areas – we would love to add more cover to the ground with the possibility of a covered area at the Queen’s Park end one of those discussed. This will be a longer term project as we will need to look into the feasibility of adding additional cover within the ground.

Other Changes

No one asked for these but we wanted to add some more colour to Station Park.

Goal Nets – we were needing to replace our goal nets and have added yellow and black ones for this season.

Welcome Branding – A new list of club honours and Welcome to Nairn County signage was added to the toilet block, replacing the standard portacabin external facade.

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