Written by Nairn County FC January 25th 2015

FUNDING BID UNSUCCESSFUL It is with regret the club can announce that the application to the Scottish Football Partnership for grant aid towards the new enclosure has been unsuccessful. The SFP met last week and our bid was considered among many other worthwhile applications and it was deemed while the project met their criteria the demands on their resources were such that they could not support the club’s application on this occasion. Discussions are already taking place with representatives from the Supporters Group to see where we go from here Chairman Peter Mackintosh said: “We will be doing everything possible to look at solutions to either plugging the funding gap or providing an alternative to the original blueprint which involves a 60 metre long covered terracing." "I don't want the fans to get downbeat. It is a setback. But we will find a way round it although it might take a bit more time." Mr Mackintosh said he was disappointed by the outcome. "But we must acknowledge the Scottish Football Partnership has been very good to Nairn County FC in the past with support for our floodlights, stand refurbishment and new goalposts." "On this occasion unfortunately we were unsuccessful and we have to accept there are considerable pressures from football clubs across Scotland on their resources.” The club was hoping for a contribution of £40,000 from the SFP. Donald Wilson on behalf of the supporters group said: "Like the Chairman I was deeply disappointed when I heard the outcome of the application." ."Last year we were disappointed when we learned that the enclosure would have to be put on the back burner for a year to enable the club to complete the interior refurbishment of the stand." “We have raised nearly £70,000 which is an incredible sum of money for such a small fan base. But the project to replace the enclosure has been embraced by the whole community including business, councils and the supporters group has been entrusted with that money for that purpose." " I hope with our cash, and funding the football club would have made available had they received the SFP grant we will still be able to proceed on a smaller scale and that we are not faced with many months of uncertainty” A full report will be made to the next Supporters Group meeting on February 3 and a representative from the board will be in attendance. Donald Wilson

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