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15th June, 2016 •
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Nairn County FC can confirm that prices have been frozen on all existing Station Park advertising.

Invoices have been sent out to companies who currently advertise at Station Park and should be received imminently.

Interim chairman Donald Matheson said: "I am delighted to announce that there will be no price increase for existing sponsorship boards at Station Park."

"This provides the club with a vital stream of income and we would be extremely grateful if those who intend to continue advertising at the park can settle their invoices as soon as is convenient and those who do not wish to continue advertising can inform us so that we can seek a replacement."

He added: "As I have said many times already, the response from the business community of Nairn to what has happened at the club has been absolutely fantastic. I have been overwhelmed with all of the support and we are receiving about one fresh enquiry every day from a business wishing to take out a new board at the park."

If you or your company wishes to advertise at Station Park, please email Prices start from £250+VAT and are dependent on the size and location of the board.


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