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30th March, 2016 •
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Nairn County Football Club can confirm that the names for the new enclosure to appear on the voting papers are as follows:

  • 1975/76 Enclosure
  • Davy Johnston Enclosure
  • Innes MacDonald Enclosure
  • Legends Enclosure
  • New Cowshed
  • We Believe Community Enclosure

This shortlist has been approved by Nairn County FC.

Vote organiser Ian Finlayson said: "I would firstly like to thank everyone who made a suggestion and who attending tonight's meeting. The naming process has really engaged the support base and the wider public of Nairn and beyond, which is what we were hoping for.

"There was some healthy debate tonight in favour of a lot of the names (including Stevie Bain arguing against his own suggestion!) and among the key points raised at the meeting was that the new structure is a shiny, new "enclosure", as opposed to the rickety, much-loved "Cowshed" that it replaced but at the same time, it's inescapable that the new structure may well come to be still colloquially referred to as "The Cowshed".

"It was also felt that only achievements on the pitch should be recognised in terms of individuals nominated and that those who have contributed to the success of the club behind the scenes down the years can be recognised in different ways around the ground."

He added: "I feel that what we are left with is a diverse list, which recognises some of the greatest achievements in the club's history, the work that went in by a whole range of different people across the Nairn community and beyond to make this project happen and tips it's hat to the structure it replaced but at the same time, recognises that this is a name not just for today but the next 50 years and beyond."

Voting will commence within the next few days and full details will be released once all voting points have been finalised.


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