Sportsman's Dinner

22nd June, 2016 •
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The annual Nairn County Sportsman's Dinner raised over £11,000.

The gala event held on Friday May 6th at the Newton Hotel is one of the club's primary fundraising events.

It was under threat of cancellation this year but was pulled together by a new Sportsman's Dinner sub-committee in the space of just a few weeks.

David Maclean from the sub-committee said: "We have now ingathered all the monies from the Sportsmans Dinner and I can advise a net surplus of £11,004 after all expenses.

"With the loss of six corporate tables this year, we still had 120 in attendance and the end outcome is viewed by all as extremely satisfactory.

"Our small team of volunteer organisers - not least, Alex 'Scoosh' Mackintosh - acknowledges with thanks our appreciation of the great support from fans and local businesses and feel sure that this event can be built up further next time and in the future with much more time to plan."


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