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3rd June, 2016 •
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NAIRN County today launches the NCFC Fans Fund.

This will allow supporters to provide the club with an immediate cash injection, which will be put towards running costs and players' wages.

THE club is inviting fans to set up monthly direct debits with a minimum contribution of £10 that will be paid into the Sportsman's Dinner bank account. This will then be transferred to the club in monthly tranches as and when requested by Management Committee of Nairn County FC.

The monthly donation scheme is the suggestion of the supporters and has been put forward privately to Directors. It was also raised at Tuesday's EGM and Wednesday night's fans' meeting.

Ian Finlayson, a club Director who has worked closely with the fans on this issue, said: "First of all, we are delighted to be launching the NCFC Fans Fund and to implement an idea that has come forward from the supporters."

"Given events of the last few weeks, the club's need for cash is obviously pressing, so it was felt that this fund should be set up as a matter of urgency."

"At this moment in time, it will be purely a donation to the club funds. There will be no way for fans to dictate how the money is spent and there will be no return. However, with the discussions I have had with a handful of fans, the feeling I get is that at this moment in time, these are circumstances the supporters are comfortable with."

"Of course, moving forward, we will look at some way to give something back for fans' support and we are open to suggestions from the supporters as to what this could be. Please let me, anyone from the Management Committee or anyone from the Board of Directors know if you have any suggestions, or alternatively, raise it at the next fans meeting on June 27th."

To contribute to the NCFC Fans Fund, set up a monthly direct debit for at least £10 per month to be paid to "Nairn County Sportsmans Dinner".


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