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30th March, 2017 •
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Nairn County Football Club has expanded its arrangement with Nairn Laundry.

The High Street business came on board with the club last summer as launders of the first team strips.

That deal will continue into the 2017/18 season with the Laundry also washing the club's under-20s kit.

Kirsty Shanks, of Nairn Laundry, said: "At the start of the season, we knew the club had some financial difficulties but as a local business, like many others, we wanted to chip in and help out."

"The club is very good to work with and are very grateful for what everyone is doing for them. They are always in here thanking us."

"We have washed the strips this year and are happy to continue next season."

Club chairman, Donald Matheson, said: "We are really grateful to the Laundry for agreeing to continue this arrangement."

"The strips always come back in immaculate condition ready for use in the next match and in a timely manner too. When we have midweek fixtures, there is a sometimes a need to use the same kit on the Wednesday night as was used on the previous Saturday but that is no obstacle to Kirsty and we thank her and her staff for all of their help."

In addition, the club will continue its arrangement for the washing of its under-15s and under-17s kit.

This has been done by Diane Muirhead for the last 17 seasons and the club is delighted that will continue into the 2017/18 campaign.

Stewart McInnes, Nairn County Head of Youth Development, said: "I spoke with Diane a couple of weeks ago and I am really pleased that she is going to carry on washing the strips for the youths."

"When they are dropped round to her house on a Sunday evening after a match, they are ready by the next day more often than not, which is ideal as it means they can be collected before training on the Tuesday night in preparation for the next game the following Sunday."


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