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2nd June, 2016 •
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NAIRN County are delighted to have today entered into a commercial partnership with Nairn Laundry.

A deal was struck this morning for the High Street-based company to launder the club's strips during the forthcoming season.

Interim chairman Donald Matheson said: "We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Nairn Laundry and we are looking forward to developing a solid working relationship with this fantastic local business."

"Coming to this deal is a great stride forward for us as the club's laundry was previously dealt with by Les Fridge and Narden."

"We feel it is important for Nairn County to support local businesses like Nairn Laundry and we are delighted with the subsequence response we have received from the business community and public of Nairn over the last few weeks. We are working hard behind the scenes to secure more similar deals with other local businesses."

He added: "I have to thank Alex "Scoosh" Mackintosh for all of his hard work in securing this deal on behalf of the club."

"Anyone who would like to provide the club with a service or sponsorship can contact me at"

Nairn Laundry is based at 82 High Street, Nairn and is open between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Saturday. They can be contacted on 01667 451163.


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